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Housing for Ecology

By using special expanded polystyrene materials with excellent heat insulating properties as residential building materials, increase cooling and heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Reducing the generation of CO2 which is a global warming gas.
It is a building which can be contributed to the global environment.

The quality of the special expanded polystyrene material prevents deforestation by using it as an alternative to wood material. And it doesn’t produce waste material.
It can be contributed to environmental treatment.

Also, the main component of special foamed polystyrene does not contain substances that are particularly harmful only with carbon and hydrogen.
If it burns happen, it will be changed to "carbon dioxide (CO 2)" and "water (H 2 0)".
It won’t be occurred no harmful gas as Dioxin.

★ We have exhibited "Future of the Environment and Energy, Ecopro 2016" at Tokyo Big Sight. (December 8 - 10, 2016)