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Japan Dome House Co., Ltd, we are a company which sell manufacturing machinery plant in order to produce Dome Houses.
We are not provided in order to sale the dome house individually.
We are looking for the companies/business entities which produce and sale the large quantity of by utilizing machinery plant.
If you (the company/business entity) are interested in, please fill in the inquiry form below and send us by email.

Regarding Joint Investment, it is difficult to decide at the current stage.
About information of price cost, it is hard to be disclose to you now.
If you are really deeply interested in, please visit our office and see the dome house exhibition.
We will have the communications and negotiations.
Also, please let us know about your business plan for the Dome House.

Please input your opinion below and push the button "Confirmation".
Some items marked up with an asterisk (*) are indispensable.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
We have a lot of inquiries now, so please give us several business days to reply.
We prioritize contact with companies and business entities.
We can not respond for small orders (individual purchase of Dome House).

Thank you.

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