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Japan Dome House Co., Ltd is a company which sells manufacturing machinery for the basic parts of Dome House (Wall, Door, Window, Ceiling, etc.). 

Our company's condition
(1) Please purchase the manufacturing machine which can produce on the line for annual capacity over 4,000 units (Model 7700 Dome House).
(2) Please be able to make sales order promises over 3,000 units (Model 7700 Dome House) per year.
(3) We are welcome that major housing & construction companies can sell above quantities in your country.

Our requirement
Please indicate specifically details on your business project. Then contact us.
We will reply only those who sent the project plan.
If your company is interested please fill in the inquiry form below and send it to us.

ジャパンドームハウスはドームハウスの部材 (壁、ドア部分、窓部分、天井その他)を製造する機械を製作・販売する会社です。
(1) 年間生産能力4,000棟以上(Model 7700 Dome House)のプラントを購入してください。
(2) 年間3,000棟以上(Model 7700 Dome House)の注文販売を確約してください。
(3) あなたの国でドームハウスを販売することができる大手住宅・建設会社を歓迎します。



Some items marked up with an asterisk (*) are indispensable.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
We have a lot of inquiries now, so please give us several business days to reply.
We prioritize contact with companies and business entities.
We can not respond for small orders (individual purchase of Dome House).

Thank you.

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