How to build

Easy and short-time!
One of our proposals of construction overseas

NOTE: The following building method is just an example from our proposals. You shall follow the laws of the site in which you would build it and consider how you can do it.

Model 7700 Dome

1. Basic work

Construct a flat, level foundation following the drawings and construction manual. Also do the plumbing and electrical work.

2. Assembly of dome pieces

Assemble a total of 12 wall, door and window pieces and 2 ceiling pieces for the dome. Apply the special glue to the toothed joints and fasten them with bolts.

3. Fitting and outer wall work

After the special glue cures, remove the bolts. Seal the joints and apply the waterproof treatment, and then attach the fittings and skylight. Finally, paint the exterior.

4. Inside wall and equipment work

Construct the floor, partitions, lighting fixtures, air conditioning and other equipment according to the individual specifications.

Building Example of Arch Type (For agriculture etc.)

1. Ditch a leveled ground and install H-shaped steel beams.

2. Set the foot parts of EPS pieces in the H-shaped beams.

3. Put the EPS pieces together.

4. The assembly of the wall pieces is done. Then, the gable wall pieces are set. Cover it with shading sheets.