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Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. (JDH) respects its customers’ privacy and considers it is important and responsible to preserve their personal information securely. JDH shall comply with laws related to personal information protection and has its policy of handling the information shown as below.

Purposes JDH uses personal information for

JDH shall use the personal information from its customers for the following purposes.

  • To answer requests or inquiries from customers
  • For customer services JDH offers
  • To provide regular information from JDH
  • For repairs or maintenance for JDH’s products
  • To do research about how to use JDH’s products and the environment to check customer satisfaction objectively.
  • For confirmation work of accounting audits

To third parties

JDH does not disclose or provide personal information about customers to third parties except in any of the following cases.

  • when the customer gives prior consent
  • when the customer cannot be recognized or identified
  • when JDH outsources the handling work of personal information what with smoothly executing the operation. In this case, JDH chooses the contractor which has adequate capacity for information protection and it may make a contract that imposes requirements to execute the proper handling.
  • when JDH is required to disclose it due to laws and regulations or allowed to provide it to third parties by Act on the Protection of Personal Information
  • when the provision of personal information is necessary to protect life, physical injury, or the assets of a person, and when consent from the customer is difficult to acquire
  • when JDH is required to help national agencies, local public organizations, or their subcontractors execute their work as by law enacted, and when acquiring customer’s consent affects their operations

Sharing personal data

JDH and its affiliates share customer personal data only for promoting smooth operations, which please note.

About disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

Please contact JDH yourself if you would like to ask JDH to disclose, correct, or delete the personal information JDH has. JDH shall address it immediately only if it can verify your identity to prevent a data breach.

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