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It had no damage when a huge earthquake with intensity 6 upper hit. The structure can withstand mighty wind well as you can see in Japan, where typhoons come every year.

Our special expanded polystyrene is flame-retarded. It is self-extinguishing.

We can give some ideas such as the way that the inside space can be seperated into one above the other by wooden material.

It was certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan in May 2005. It’s the new fourth structure following wood, iron, and concrete.

Our product is a thermal insulation material itself. It can endure any climates around the world.

We have the manual of the assembly of our EPS pieces. You can refer to it. Regarding other building works, please ask your constructor.

We will always manufacture the special expanded polystyrene pieces. We need partners who can be a exclusive distributor around the world.

The order procedure such as the payment method is given to you if your order is fixed. The detail is written on our order form.

It depends on how to construct the house. For your reference, The assembly of the Model 7700 Dome (Approx. 45㎡) pieces takes about 2 hours.

(1)We can estimate it if we know the arrival port and the quantity.

(2)A 40 feet container can take only one unit of Model 7700 Dome pieces.

(1)We do not have them across the world yet.
(2)We are now seeking partners who can be a exclusive distributor by country or region in the world.

It depends on the type, size, quantity, your region, and so on. Please let us know your plan in detail.

We do not sell a small lot. If you would like the quantity which is equivelant to 100 units or more of Model 7700 Dome, we will consider whether we can sell you or not. Your clear purpose is also required.

We give no samples. We recommend you come to our office and see our products with your own eyes.

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