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Model 7700 Dome

Features (Dome Type)

Surface Treatment

Several treatments such as a coating against UV rays are overlaid on the surface, so it improves the durability.

Energy Saving Building

The high thermal insulation properties protect it from the impact of outside temperatures, so it has the energy-saving effect of allowing indoor temperature control with less energy. Moreover, the dome shape makes heat loss very small, further increasing the energy-saving effect.

Resistance to Snow Accumulation

One of the characteristics of expanded polystyrene is its high resistance to compressive force. On top of that, the solid dome structure and round shape give it excellent adaptability when it comes to snow accumulation.

Earthquake Resistant

The Dome House is extremely lightweight and has a low center of gravity, so it is much less likely to collapse than regular buildings. Additionally, the simple structure has no columns, so the roof will not cave in. Even in heavy tremors, the space inside remains safe.

Extremely Fast Construction

The Dome House is constructed by assembling the pieces. Each piece weighs only 70 kg, so the work is easy and can be accomplished in about seven days by three or four people. (Construction time will vary depending on location and weather.)

Resistance to Strong Winds

The streamlined shape of the dome protects it from direct wind. Moreover, the legs of the pieces are buried securely in the foundation, so it can withstand even very violent typhoons.

Dome Type example introduction