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World’s first! Floor-integrated, thermal insulated house!
Just put it on the ground!

10㎡ House

Various purposes
※The images are shown for reference only. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

4000 Box House 16㎡

4000 Box House 32㎡

Features (BoxType)


The well-sealed space enables us to easily control the air condition.Extreme energy saving can be done even in both very hot and very cold climates owing to the super-insulating function and efficiency of air control.

Various purposes

The approx. 13㎡ space can used for a variety of purposes, such as residence, medical facilities, green house, and so on.

No foundation

It can be built with no foundation work except for leveling the ground. The unit includes the floor part.The floor-integraged structure can be easily assembled.

※The images are shown for reference only.

Box Type example introduction